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Connection is a daily devotional to encourage women in their faith and life overseas. It brings the Word of God and conversation with sisters into their day-to-day lives.
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Unity in the Faith

December 31, 2021
UNITY Team unity & dynamics
Growing up, I was inspired by the great global workers of the faith such as Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, Jim Elliot, and others. I was stirred to reach the lost and came to value only the work of reaching those outside of the body of Christ. I d...
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What is the Secret to Unity?

December 30, 2021
UNITY Biblical conflict resolution Team unity & dynamics Grace
Have you struggled to get along with someone? Did you resolve it, or is it still weighing on your mind? 
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The Church Is Like a Cake

December 29, 2021
UNITY Team unity & dynamics
I was visiting a church that had a different doctrinal slant than mine. I enjoyed the service tremendously and felt God’s Spirit at work in the congregation, which led me to wonder how God viewed all the theological and denominational divisions wi...
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Focus on the Glue

December 28, 2021
UNITY Biblical conflict resolution Intercultural relationships Team unity & dynamics
As global workers, we usually find ourselves serving on a team (or multiple teams) at some point in our service. Those teams can include people from our host country, our home country, or another part of the world, each with their own unique cultu...
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