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Amy had lost her joy...

She forgot who she was. It wasn't exactly amnesia. She knew she was Amy Miller, a global women with a Brazil address. But "my identity had become flipped upside down," she said. Facing challenging circumstances and broken trust, Amy began to believe the lies of the enemy - "I'm a failure at being a missionary."

Have you ever forgotten who - and Whose - you are?

Filled with a growing desperation, Amy went searching and discovered Thrive. "When I arrived at the retreat," she said, "I was in denial about the bad place I was in spiritually and emotionally."


God has since written beloved on every page of Amy's story. He reinforced her identity in Him. Joy welled up in her heart. He affirmed her role as His daughter, no matter her job title.

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Amy wrote later to say, "Did you know my name means beloved?" It was there all along. God knew her name, yet Amy needed to hear it again.

Amy met Thrive at her point of need and was reminded of the Truth. This work could not be done without Thrive supporters and we want to thank you for being a part of empowering thousands of global women like Amy!

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As one who knows our mission and impact so well, we are reaching out asking you to join in helping us meet our year end need. As a non-profit, we live and survive off the generous support of our donors, especially year end donations. This special offering makes up a significant portion of our annual budget.

We've learned through the years to always present our need before our faithful supporters like yourself, trusting our "ask" will not be overstepping relational bounds in our donor/ministry friendship. With that said, we would like to ask that you would prayerfully consider giving a special "gift of joy" this holiday season in support of Thrive's mission and year end needs.