Alongside letter is inclusive of three distinctive areas of support to global women: Mentoring, Life Coaching, and Spiritual Direction.
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Alongside is currently in a soft launch stage with hopes to be fully launched by late 2019. At this time, applications for these services are only being accepted from women who have attended a Thrive retreat in the past and are currently serving outside the US/Canada. To meet the growing demand for this new ministry arm, we are currently seeking to expand our Volunteer Provider team of Mentors, Coaches, and Spiritual Directors.
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Alongside mentoring
Mentoring is an intentional relationship between two women with the goal of encouraging and equipping a global woman for the life God has set before her.

A mentor offers to walk alongside her in a one-on-one relationship to share her experience, wisdom, and vision with a global woman who desires to mutually share her life with honesty and transparency. Mentoring is an opportunity for two women to journey together, spending time in prayer, using Scripture, and building a relationship with accountability. The initial commitment is for 4-6 electronic or face to face sessions and can continue based on the mutual agreement of the two individuals.
Life Coaching is an intentional conversation that empowers a person who is making changes in life, wanting to explore their dreams, and putting their hopes into reality. It is a Holy Spirit led process with the time frame, speed and ultimate destination set by the one being coached. Once future goals are established, the coach helps the one coached with specific steps to move toward accomplishing these goals.

Coaching can encompass many different topics such as self-improvement, learning a new skill, gaining personal success in a key area, and managing life change or personal challenges. Coaching deals primarily with a person’s present situation and seeks to guide her into a more desirable future.
Alongside life coaching
Alongside spiritual direction
Spiritual Direction is holy listening ~ a global woman joining together with a certified spiritual director to listen and discern the Spirit's movement in her life and seek to grow in a personal journey of faith and to develop a closer, more intimate relationship with God. Listening, questions, silence, prayer, sometimes laughter or tears are components of spiritual direction. Always, the aim is to become more aware of God's presence and to hear His gracious invitation to deeper walk with Him.


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