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Alongside is a program that provides one-on-one relationships to assist in setting and accomplishing goals and nurturing spiritual growth through three areas of support: mentoring, life coaching, and spiritual direction. Each is provided by volunteers skilled (and certified in the latter two arenas) in these areas, and is available virtually so women everywhere can benefit.
Alongside is intended for North American women who are currently living and ministering outside their home countries (or are on home assignment). The ideal commitment for these relationships is once per month for four to six months between a volunteer provider and participant. To learn more about our current team of Alongside volunteer providers, click here.
Mentorship is a relationship between two women, connected for the purpose of encouragement and guidance, intended in this context to serve women living and ministering overseas. Whether a mentor has been on the field previously, or has other valuable life experience to speak into their mentee’s life, the goal is to connect face-to-face or virtually to pray together, walk through Scripture, and build a relationship with accountability.
Life coaching with Thrive is geared toward women ministering overseas who are looking ahead to changes or hopes for the future. A relationship with a life coach, along with listening to the Holy Spirit, provides direction and often a step-by-step approach to accomplish specific goals. Coaching deals primarily with a person’s present situation and seeks to guide her into a more desirable future, and can encompass topics like self-improvement, learning a new skill, gaining personal success in a key area, and managing life change or personal challenges. Life coaches have specific qualifications in order to provide this type of guidance to participants.
Spiritual direction is a unique and sacred space to occupy with another person. In this arena of Alongside, a participant’s relationship with a certified spiritual director is devoted to listening and discerning the Holy Spirit’s movement in their life, seeking to grow in their personal journey of faith, and evaluating how God may be inviting them to experience Himself. Always, the aim is to become more aware of God’s presence and to hear His gracious call to a deeper and more intimate relationship.
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Alongside services are available to American and Canadian women who live and minister overseas. Participants must currently be full-time, support-based, cross-cultural workers living overseas or on temporary home assignment. At this time, priority is given to women who have previously attended a Thrive retreat or virtual event, then open to others on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once you fill out an application, the Alongside team will contact you & pair you with a Provider within a week or two. Please apply when you’re ready to start.

Have questions about the Alongside program? Check out our Alongside FAQs.
If you have questions about Alongside or the application process, please contact us.