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Alongside Team
Thrive’s Alongside team is made up of volunteers around the world who have joined with Thrive to come Alongside women ministering overseas.

Each volunteer is uniquely qualified to serve with Alongside.


The Alongside mentorship team is made up of women who have a passion and a background in mentoring women both in the States and around the globe. These mentors have varying connections to Thrive and cross-cultural ministry, many of them having served overseas themselves.

Life Coaches

Life coaching requires specific certification. The Alongside life coaching team currently holds several certified life coaches to help women ministering overseas move forward in various areas of their lives through coaching and accountability.

Spiritual Directors

Each spiritual director has completed a spiritual direction program, which provides insight and qualifications for these women to guide participants’ journeys with the Holy Spirit. Together, this team has decades of experience walking alongside women in this capacity.

What is Mentorship? Life coaching? Spiritual direction? Learn more, click here.

Interested in serving with Alongside?