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We are a trusted and valued partner with over 500 mission agencies and hundreds of local churches. We continually work to increase awareness within the broader spectrum of the Christian community and engage the new generation of the missionary force. With Thrive's strong reputation and sure foundation, we are poised for significant growth as we seek to empower even more missionary women and be their advocate.



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As I sat in a worship session at a Thrive retreat, the phrase 'satisfy your desire' from Isaiah 58 weighed heavily in my spirit. What does it look like for Jesus to really satisfy my desires? Tears poured down my cheeks as the speaker spoke about losing part of her identity when she moved to the field. I too mourned the loss when I moved to Uganda, the loss of a piano, a part of my identity, one of my primary avenues of connection with God.

I pled, "Jesus, would you please give me a piano?" Within 10 minutes Jesus answered my prayer, I received news that He had GIVEN me a piano in my house in Uganda. The rest of the session I continued to weep unabated, but now not out of grief, rather out of sheer joy and amazement at the goodness of my God. He tenderly spoke and told me, "Melanie, I will go to extraordinary measures to meet you desires. I will make you a well-watered garden. From Me will flow a spring through you to satisfy the needs of the nations."

Melanie May, 2014 Retreat Attendee