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Thrive advocates for women ministering overseas. We educate and engage Christian communities to proactively meet the needs of women who are working cross-culturally to advance God’s Kingdom.

As Thrive encounters women who are serving overseas, we listen to the needs and challenges they face in their various contexts. With a unique perspective as a non-sending organization, we aim to raise awareness of ways in which we can empower stateside advocates to support global workers.

Thrive serves women in global ministry by coordinating Retreats, Connection and Alongside, in addition to developing Advocates around the world. In this endeavor, we invite churches, mission agencies, humanitarian organizations and individuals to join us—ADVOCATE for women serving overseas.

Are you looking for ways to get involved?

Pray for mentorship, connection, and the spiritual, emotional and physical health of women on the field
Recruit volunteers for upcoming Thrive Retreats and Alongside
Introduce women you know who are serving globally to Thrive
Give financially to support Thrive’s vision to care for women ministering overseas
Thrive has served more than 5,000 women ministering around the world. These women represent hundreds of organizations, including…
If your organization is interested in becoming a financial partner with Thrive, contact us.

Advocates Resources to Download/Share

Advocates Presentation, click here.
Volunteer/Shopper Flyer, click here.
Advocates Welcome Packet (coming soon).
About Thrive Flyer, click here.