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Retreat Blog
The Thrive Retreat Blog includes live updates from quarterly retreats, written and distributed from the team onsite at the retreats.

Telling the Story

February 23, 2024
So much of our focus thus far has been on the attendees, and rightly so. But we volunteers have been exposed to opportunities for radical change as well. We’ve been interacting with the same group of amazing women, hearing the same teachings, and ...
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Putting the Pieces Together

February 22, 2024
The attendees have departed. The volunteers are all that’s left of the retreat, having joyfully poured ourselves out—and been poured into. A lot has happened over the last 96+ hours. So much to process—a thousand puzzle pieces we’re tasked with…so...
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The Power of Being Seen

February 21, 2024
Thrive longs for each global woman to find transformational change when she attends a Thrive retreat. In Phuket, the theme that emerged again and again was the need to be seen. “And we really need someone from outside of us to see,” Sharon said. T...
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Retreat Day 2

February 20, 2024
It might come as a surprise to know that member care is something fairly new to some global workers. Not that the need is new—global workers have always required holistic, compassionate care. Rather, what’s new is that more sending agencies, churc...
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