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Retreat Blog
The Thrive Retreat Blog includes live updates from quarterly retreats, written and distributed from the team onsite at the retreats.

Volunteers Depart

October 30, 2022
It’s hard to believe that today is our last day together as a volunteer team. Most of our group will fly out tomorrow, with a few folks staying an extra day or two. The day is spent continuing to reflect and debrief as a team. We’re learning how b...
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Volunteers Debrief

October 28, 2022
Things are a bit quieter now that the attendees have returned to the 26 different countries where they live and serve. We miss the lively chatter of those extra 73 women, but it is time to process all that we have experienced. There is much joy ov...
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Attendee Guest Blogger!

October 26, 2022
I’ve been known to register for camps and retreats without knowing other attendees...I simply love meeting new people! There’s incredible joy in finding how God connects two people in deep friendship.
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Second Full Day of the Retreat

October 25, 2022
“It’s a new day dawning; it’s time to sing your song again.” (10,000 Reasons/Matt Redmon)
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