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Retreat Blog
The Thrive Retreat Blog includes live updates from quarterly retreats, written and distributed from the team onsite at the retreats.

Making It Personal

July 15, 2023
Picture a woman sitting on her suitcase by an empty railroad, umbrella sheltering her from pouring rain. She gazes contemplatively into a dismal, unknown landscape. Many women felt this way arriving on Monday: uncertain, in transitions, confused, ...
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Ah-ha! Moments and Next Steps

July 13, 2023
“Ah-ha! Moments” can be both enlightening and terrifying - comforting and motivating. However we receive them, we need to pay attention to them.
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Saying “Goodbye”

July 12, 2023
It’s been a day of much laughter, many tears, lots of hugs, and crazy photos. The final session with our speaker, Peg Forrest, reminded each of us of our identity in Christ. We can only truly serve when we are secure in that identity. Thanks to Wh...
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Long-Term Faithfulness

July 11, 2023
Meet Elisa. A warm and cheerful soul, she and her husband of fifty-six years have been living out Kingdom work in Guatemala for more than five decades.
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