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Connection is a daily devotional to encourage women in their faith and life overseas. It brings the Word of God and conversation with sisters into their day-to-day lives.
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Pulling Away to Pray

February 13, 2024
ISOLATION & LONELINESS Isolation & loneliness
Being in community is essential for any global worker. It is key to keeping us healthy. Jesus’ life was a model of great community, evidenced by the family, friends, and disciples that surrounded him. But when I read the Gospel accounts, I see ano...
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Embracing Quietness to Pray

February 12, 2024
ISOLATION & LONELINESS Quiet time with the Lord Balancing ministry, family, & life Being a woman in ministry Grief, loss, & depression Hearing God & Understanding His Will Trust Overwhelmed
Why do I constantly have a podcast or a sermon playing in the background while I am showering or washing the dishes? Why can’t I drive without the radio or some music or audiobook playing? Do I really need to be browsing the internet or YouTube to...
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When I Need it Most

February 09, 2024
GRACE Burn out Connecting with nationals Compassion
I guess you could say God made me a sensitive person. It’s usually easy for me to empathize with how others are feeling, but with that comes an uncanny ability to carry the emotional weight of the world on my shoulders. This aspect of my personali...
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The Space of Not Knowing is the Space for Grace

February 08, 2024
GRACE God’s guidance & direction
“Let writers beware who from the start know too much about what they are doing and keep too heavy a hand on the reins. They leave too little room for luck as they tell their stories, just the way Abraham and Sarah, if they know too much about what...
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