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Connection is a daily devotional to encourage women in their faith and life overseas. It brings the Word of God and conversation with sisters into their day-to-day lives.
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The Sharpener

November 22, 2022
COMMUNITY Biblical conflict resolution Team unity & dynamics
My husband is a knife sharpener. When he spots someone with a pocketknife you can rest assured, he will ask them about it. Mid-conversation, he will offer to take it home and sharpen it. Over the next few days, he will work it meticulously through...
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Fully Known

November 21, 2022
COMMUNITY Feeling known & understood Finding community God's Image
Feeling known can be one of the most obviously-missing realities of cross-cultural living. Or at least one of the slowest to arrive. It’s hard to define or quantify, but we know it when we have it. And when we don’t.
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A Special Calling

November 18, 2022
CALLING Expectations
When I share about prison ministry, there’s one response I’m almost guaranteed to hear: “Oh, how wonderful, it takes a special calling to do that kind of work.”
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The Beginning of “Sacred Calling”

November 17, 2022
CALLING Identity in Christ Purpose Reflecting God
Twelve years ago, I prided myself in making a big career move by transitioning into full-time ministry. I had enjoyed my job in the insurance industry and the time I had spent there bearing witness to Jesus, but I had sensed that to have a greater...
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