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Connection is a daily devotional to encourage women in their faith and life overseas. It brings the Word of God and conversation with sisters into their day-to-day lives.
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When Begging Becomes a Blessing

September 14, 2021
WISDOM Adoption God’s guidance & direction
It must have seemed like a viable option at the time, but I have no idea why I agreed to write about wisdom. I'll readily admit I’m one of those people who lacks wisdom. I’m grateful God gives us the option of asking Him to give it to us generousl...
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Sitting with Wisdom

September 13, 2021
WISDOM God’s guidance & direction Quiet time with the Lord
When my adult children ask for advice about jobs or relationships, I desperately want to answer wisely. I yearn for wisdom. When a colleague asks a question that could have far-reaching implications for ministry, I ache for wisdom. When my dad suf...
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The Marathon Approach to Life

September 10, 2021
WISDOM Identity in Christ Spiritual wellness Dependence Abide
“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”
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The Passing of the Mantle

September 09, 2021
WISDOM Being a woman in ministry
I had the privilege of working under an amazing principal when I was a Christian school teacher. She had a way of creating an edifying and inspiring place to work while being intimately involved with each of us as teachers. I was always amazed by ...
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