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Connection is a daily devotional to encourage women in their faith and life overseas. It brings the Word of God and conversation with sisters into their day-to-day lives.
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Always Listen for God’s Voice

April 06, 2021
GOD'S GUIDANCE/DIRECTION God’s guidance & direction
I was standing in the cashier line, holding the French-press coffee maker I had chosen. Go check out the clearance rack. The thought kept nagging me, despite my attempts to brush it aside. Finally, desperate to regain my inner peace, I hurried ove...
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God in Three Persons Speaks to Us

April 05, 2021
GOD'S GUIDANCE/DIRECTION God’s guidance & direction Hearing God & Understanding His Will Trust Reliance
My husband and I sat at a picnic table on the lovely grounds of a Christian university with other prospective graduate students. The outdoor BBQ supper allowed guests to meet casually with faculty to ask questions. 
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