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Connection is a daily devotional to encourage women in their faith and life overseas. It brings the Word of God and conversation with sisters into their day-to-day lives.
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A Hidden Season

October 05, 2022
SEASONS OF LIFE Balancing ministry, family, & life Expectations Contentment Serving joyfully
I had that uncomfortable feeling of nothing in life fitting. In addition to my clothes hanging differently on my frame and my apartment being filled with an additional person, my postpartum self was distracted, overwhelmed, and tired. Too many of ...
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Finishing Well

October 04, 2022
SEASONS OF LIFE God’s guidance & direction Grief, loss, & depression Identity in Christ Isolation & loneliness Purpose Raising kids cross-culturally Re-entry Saying goodbyes Seeing & not seeing fruit Abide
On my first trip to the Holy Land, I marveled at the date palm groves that grew in the Judean Wilderness. Acres of lush green palm trees would randomly appear in the middle of that ancient and barren landscape. During my visit, I learned much abou...
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God and Gray Hair

October 03, 2022
I love that the Bible mentions gray hair. 
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Waiting for Rain

September 30, 2022
SEASONS OF LIFE Burn out Expectations Purpose Discouragement Strength Trust
Dust, fine and red, coated plants lining our roads. Sweat beaded on my upper lip. Cooking in the warm afternoons in my kitchen, with my hair twisted off my neck, I’d been praying, coaxing the weather. C’mon, rainy season. Far more than for our fam...
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