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Blog Post

Refreshment and Understanding

July 13, 2021 2021 COLORADO RETREAT
Refreshment and Understanding

A study revealed that 1 out of 14 workers leave their agencies each year and two-thirds leave for potentially preventable reasons. In addition, it has been estimated that the average length of a cross-cultural worker’s career has dropped to only eight years. Thrive’s goal is to offer a time of refreshment and connection with other women who serve cross-culturally. During their time together, attendees have the opportunity to experience spiritual, emotional, and physical restoration.

Small group breakouts and meals are deliberately scheduled in a format that allows attendees to interact with each other. This opens conversations that allow for understanding and encouragement from other women who “get it.” New friendships are formed during this time that are maintained even after the women return to their field of service.

During self-care times, some women have admitted to having had to cut their own hair during their time on the field, others have confessed to never having a pedicure, ever, and many just desire a ministering touch via a facial, foot rub, and/or back massage.

This year there are many returning women who have attended previous retreats and shared the experience with their field workers, family, and friends. They are now returning with another attendee. Thrive’s attention to detail makes them feel very understood and cherished.

The highlight of the final full day is the fashion show, giving women a chance to show off all their self-care experiences… new outfits (including all accessories), updated haircut and style, pretty toenails, and fresh makeup bring together a beautiful countenance, a result of one-on-one prayer time and counseling. Much laughter filled the room as women strutted the runway, showing off their rediscovered beauty of how God sees his precious girls. 

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