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Into The Unknown

by JILLIAN KITTRELL CALLING God’s guidance & direction
Into The Unknown
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“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”
Psalms 32:8

For me, callings are tricky. 

I’m a girl who likes instruction manuals. Roadmaps. A well-structured step-by-step guide. Back-up plans to my back-up plan. 

Receiving a calling from God, however, offers me none of the above. Instead, it requires a whole lot of faith to go “into the unknown” as Elsa from Frozen would say. And the unknown can often be a scary place to go. 

Still, God calls us and asks us to trust Him. To take His hand and follow Him, even if we don’t quite understand where He is leading. In my own life, I usually don’t realize where God is leading me until I arrive. So, for a girl who loves her plans, I often have to remind myself of three important truths. Truths I hope can help you too.

1. God knows us better than we know ourselves.

Psalms 139:1-3 says that God knows our thoughts even before we think them, and He knows where we are going before we even plant our feet on the ground. Knowing this should give us the confidence we need to place our lives in His hands. 

2. God will not leave our side.

Multiple times in scripture we are told God never leaves His people. So, while we may not always know where He is calling us to go, what He is calling us to do, or who He is calling us to witness to, we can trust that He will be right by our side. He never sends us into the unknown alone. He always goes with us. 

3. God’s plans are always greater than our own.

In Isaiah 55:9 we learn that God’s ways are much higher than ours. This means that while we can only conjure up plans with our limited human ability, God can create plans for us from a Heavenly vantage point. How reassuring is that?

Sometimes our callings are clear, but often they lead us into the unknown. Still, we can find peace knowing that nothing is unknown to God. He knows what we are capable of. He will walk with us every step of the way. And His plans will always far exceed our own. 

Closing Prayer
Dear God, Thank you so much for calling me into the unknown. For taking my hand and leading me. For never leaving my side. And for creating me to do far more than I could ever imagine being capable of. May I never lose faith in your will for my life. Please continue to call me and I will answer. Amen.
Book: Undaunted by Christine Caine I always love reading and listening to Christine’s Caine’s words. She speaks with such wisdom and I love her challenge for us to follow God’s calling in our lives, even when it seems scary and uncertain!
Question for Reflection

Has God ever called you into the “unknown”? What truths did He teach you along the way?

Jillian Kittrell
November 14, 2022

One “unknown” that God called both my husband and me into was adoption. He called us during a time when we were too young to qualify and we barely had any money to our name. Not known how He would make the impossible possible, we took His hand and told Him to lead the way. It took us almost 6 years, but through that time we learned two important truths: 1) God is faithful. When you are obedient to His plans, He always finds a way. 2) God’s church is beautiful and He loves to use His people to support, fund, and champion His plans into fruition.