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What's Next?

July 16, 2021 2021 COLORADO RETREAT
What's Next?

There is much preparation in training, preparing, support-raising, and language learning to launch a global worker to the field. However, once they arrive and are immersed in their ministry, they tend to feel forgotten. Many women serving overseas are depleted from living cross-culturally. They need care, connection and community. Thrive seeks to meet that need by not only offering retreats, but mentorship, online communities, daily devotionals, and the most recent offer of a virtual gathering where women will have many hours and opportunities to connect with other workers, as well as learn from many different speakers.

As we volunteers encountered women serving oversees, we listened to the needs and challenges they face in their various contexts. Our hearts have become engaged to raise awareness of ways in which we can empower stateside advocates to support global workers. We can share this need and ways to meet it by taking this information back to our churches, bible study groups, community groups and our spheres of influence.

There are many ways to become involved… gather your group to pitch in to support a worker for a retreat ($780), shop for Jesus, by supplying brand-new clothing for the retreat boutique, subscribe to the Thrive newsletter to stay abreast of opportunities, or host a fundraising event. All of these can be found online at

To get your feet wet, there are simple ways to encourage the women your church supports. Reply to their support newsletters letting them know you are praying for them, ask questions about their personal or spiritual life, surprise them with a cash gift for a night out or weekend away, or send her a card via actual snail mail.

As we volunteers return back to our daily lives with new eyes for our sisters, we are committed to advocating for their needs. Will you join us?

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