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When Begging Becomes a Blessing

by RACHEL MCDONALD YANAC WISDOM Adoption God’s guidance & direction
When Begging Becomes a Blessing
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“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”
James 1:5

It must have seemed like a viable option at the time, but I have no idea why I agreed to write about wisdom. I'll readily admit I’m one of those people who lacks wisdom. I’m grateful God gives us the option of asking Him to give it to us generously, but I don’t ask; I beg! 

I threw myself on God’s promise when our recently-adopted five year old exhibited a food-related manipulative behavior. I panicked. Would this be the beginning of bulimia or something worse? 

What should I do, God? I need to respond to this right now! And just like that, I KNEW what to do. Not only did God give me the right words to say, he also filled me with a calming presence of peace as I spoke to this precious child. 

I begged again for God’s wisdom when my young neighbor told me she had performed a traditional hex over her baby to make him stop crying. Yessenia had no idea she was dabbling in “white magic,” but the story she told gave me chills when I realized she had opened the door of her home to demonic activity. 

What should I say, Lord? I don’t want to scare Yessi, but she needs to know the truth… and we need to know what to do about these fallen angels who have invaded her home. Once again, God gave me the words and the peace to help my friend and to deal with the demons.

I fell on God’s promise to give wisdom just yesterday when one of my sons told me he had seen and ignored a pornography pop-up on his Kindle but had looked it up a day later. I had no words of my own, but God kept my heart calm and put his words into my mouth as I talked to my boy about extinguishing this fiery arrow from the Enemy. 

Each experience helps me to think more like God does, but until I’m completely like-minded (which won’t be until I’m in heaven), I’m going to keep on begging for wisdom. It’s one circumstance when begging becomes a blessing! 

Closing Prayer
Dear Father, thank you SO MUCH for your promise that we can freely ask for wisdom if it’s something that we lack, and that you’ll give it to us generously. I’ve been blessed by your answer to this promise more times than I can count! Thank you. Please help me to learn from each of these experiences to think more like you, with the underlying knowledge that I can always come back to you again, begging for wisdom, when I feel lost. You are an amazing, promise-keeping God, and I’m grateful to be on the receiving end of your promises. Amen.
Article: Guardrails on Mountain Passes by Andrée Seu This is a great article from World Magazine to get another perspective on wisdom.
Question for Reflection

Do you sometimes find yourself holding back from asking God for wisdom for some of the difficult situations in your life? What’s holding you back from begging God for wisdom? What can you do to change that?

Rachel McDonald Yanac
September 14, 2021

Both of our boys are now officially teenagers… not exactly the easiest of ages! As I mentioned in the article, I do think to beg for wisdom for the “biggies” in their lives. But often I find myself praying on a much more superficial level for them each day (please help them to do well on their math and science tests, and let their lights shine for You), rather than asking God on a daily basis to give us true wisdom to know how to handle each situation, emotion, and behavior that comes up during the day. What can I do about this? I’m going to write a note to myself in big, bold letters and use it as a bookmark in my daily devotional book.