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What If Subwaiting Was His Invitation?

by JODIE PINE REST Children with special needs Fear Dependence
What If Subwaiting Was His Invitation?
“The glorious Spirit of God rests on you.”
1 Peter 4:14

You can wait outside the door here.” The X-ray technician nodded toward an empty bench as he wheeled my son into the exam room. As more and more minutes ticked by, my mind drifted to the What ifs… “What if they can’t get his leg in the right position because of his physical limitations?” or “What if he doesn’t understand what they want him to do because of his cognitive limitations?” 

I concluded my anxious pondering reel with: “They should have just let me go back with him so I could help with whatever problem needs to be addressed.” 

I looked up then and my eyes landed on the sign directly across from me: Control Room. 

Well, that’s not where I am, is it? 

As much as I’d like to be in the Control Room, orchestrating everything, no one has ever handed me the keys to that room.

Convicted by my grasping for control and curious as to what other signs might want to speak to me, I looked off to my left and noticed a Subwaiting Room. Hmmm. That seemed really interesting, and to be honest I’m still not sure what that means exactly. But it made me think of a submarine diving deep into the water and waiting.

Was it possible for me to leave my What Ifs on the shore and dive deep like a submarine? As my wait grew longer and longer outside of the Exam Room and outside of the Control Room, maybe I could find peace and rest by sheltering in the Subwaiting Room.

I wonder if it might be like a deep sea treasure hunt that God wants to lead me on. It might even feel like choosing to rest with Jesus on the boat in the middle of the storm. 

What if Subwaiting was His invitation to me in every anxious situation that highlights my lack of control? 

The glorious Spirit of God rests on you.” 1 Peter 4:14, The Voice 

How God must long for us to experience the glorious resting of His Spirit on our deepest and truest selves.

Closing Prayer
God, our desire for control can feel so strong and when situations are out of our control, our frustration can feel so overwhelming. And yet, maybe that’s just where you want us to be, because that’s when we need you the most. Teach us more about what it means to let go and to trust you when we don’t understand and when we’re afraid that this one thing (and therefore everything) is going wrong. Help us to firmly believe that every plan you have will come to pass. Nothing can stop your will. Not even our worries. Amen.
Song: My Anchor by Christy Nockels Such a powerful anchoring song
Song: Oceans by Hillsong UNITED A beautiful song about trusting God in deep waters
Question for Reflection

How is He inviting you into the Subwaiting Room with Him?

Jodie Pine
April 01, 2024

This week my youngest son was reading to me from The Jesus Storybook Bible about the disciples trying to hurry Jesus on to Jairus’ house and not get delayed. Reading “We don’t have time!” with extra emphasis, he laughed and said, “They didn’t know Jesus very well, did they? Jesus always has time.” And that spoke so clearly into a situation I’m dealing with that seems like unnecessary delays and getting off course. It was Jesus speaking to me through my son’s interpretation of this passage that Jesus always has time and He knows exactly what He’s doing. He will always accomplish just what needs to be accomplished. My invitation is to trust Him in the waiting.