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Home is Where the Heart Is

by LAURIE M. HOME God’s guidance & direction Reliance Abide
Home is Where the Heart Is
“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”
John 15:9

When my family and I were denied a visa extension in the land we had called home for over eight years, my world was rocked. My husband and I protested and appealed the decision, hoping we would be given permission to stay. 

Our efforts were in vain.

With no other recourse, I turned to the Lord. 

“But God, you called me here. You gave me this place to call my home.”

I had no idea how – nor any desire – to make another place my home. I had poured tears, prayers, and the best years of my life there. Furthermore, through great struggle, I had grown deeply attached to the people I loved and to the life I was living.

In this season of bewilderment, I grew bitter against those who had denied us our visa – wrongfully believing my enemies were flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12) and that it was my responsibility to defend the plans of the Lord and to create an open door that could not be shut (Is 22:22). I stopped loving these beings created by my Father and I stopped abiding in Him. 

Of course as overseas workers we seek a visa for another country. We have dreams and plans for our particular host country and desire to see more people enter the Kingdom of God. But how easy is it to let the acquisition of a visa become an idol – or our residence in a new land our end goal? We put too much effort into securing a visa – as if it is secured by might or by power and not by the will of the Holy Spirit. If God has called us and wants us in a particular country, will he not open the doors? Must we worry and spin or could we take a posture of trust and surrender? 

Our home is not dependent upon a visa or the decisions of those in a government office. It cannot be destroyed nor can it be taken from us. Our home is secure in the love of the Lord. Our mission then is not to make our home in a particular place, but to rest in Him.

Let us be people who make our home in the Lord, where moth or rust cannot destroy (Mt. 6:19-24). Let us make our home in the One who dwells among men (Rev. 21:3), trusting that same One to open doors which cannot be shut (Is. 22:22). He is our home – we abide in Him as He abides in us.

Closing Prayer
Lord, shape me and mold my heart to receive you as my home. Let me believe this to the core of my being – truly finding my home in you. Increase my understanding and my faith to believe that visa permissions or bureaucracy are not limitations to you or your purposes in my life – that you will accomplish your purposes in me and through me. Lord, let me put my roots deeply in you and not be shaken. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Book: With: Created for Connection to God by Skye Jethani This book helps me examine my posture with God. Jethani critiques four common postures with which we approach God and suggests a better one – to abide with him. Would I make my home in the Lord?
Question for Reflection

Who have you seen as an enemy to you establishing your home? How does this fit with Scripture? Does anything need to shift in your heart so that your home is solely in Jesus?

Laurie M.
November 17, 2023

Recently, I have seen changing family routines and dynamics as keeping me from establishing the home I want to have. Of course this does not fit with scripture as God is the one who has given me my husband and children, he has ordained our times and our seasons and knows our going out and coming in. When I behold my family – and the shifting times and seasons – with gratitude and trust and when I seek the Lord, asking him to help me make him the home of my heart, then I am able to abide in Him in peace.