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God's Goodness Stored Up

by HEIDI J. SMITH GOD'S GOODNESS Expectations Culture adjustment
God's Goodness Stored Up
“How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world.”
Psalms 31:19

Before leaving for Africa, my family and I packed our belongings into a forty-foot shipping container shared with two other families. Since space was limited, we loaded only the most essential items like homeschool curriculum, hard-to-find items, and special memorabilia. 

The shipping company promised us that our container would arrive in a few months. But as we settled into life overseas, it didn’t come. 

We waited, prayed, and contacted the company. Only to find that the fraudulent company lied to us about its arrival and planned to auction off our possessions to the highest bidder.

My husband and a friend flew to the company’s port and negotiated with the officials for two weeks until our container was placed on a truck to Zambia. 

A few weeks later, our container arrived! 

The day we opened our container was like Christmas. Joy and relief flooded our hearts as we unwrapped our belongings. 

These supplies benefited us on the field, just like God’s stored goodness blesses those who honor Him. 

“How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world.” Psalm 31:19 

I imagine a huge warehouse filled with boxes of God’s goodness ready to be shipped to my door. But when the boxes don’t arrive fast enough and problems knock at my door, I start to doubt God’s goodness.

The Psalmist experienced troubles: enemies pursuing him, others worshipping idols, and physical exhaustion (6-10), but rather than doubt the Lord’s goodness, he TRUSTED and WAITED (14, 24). He called God his refuge, rock and fortress (1-4). He poured out his petition before the Lord and then switched to praise by focusing on God’s goodness and protection. 

The same can be true in our lives. 

God’s goodness helps us throughout life and provides hope of His eternal goodness of eternal life. May we never lose sight of His stored goodness like a container full of good things ready to be handed out.

Closing Prayer
Dear Lord, Thank You for Your goodness and for storing up goodness for those who fear You. Help me not to forget about Your goodness when trials come, but to trust and wait for Your timing. Help me to worship You and praise You for who You are. No matter where I go, You see me and know my exact address to deliver goodness to my door. Thank You. Amen.
Book: What Do I Know About My God? By Mardi Collier This book is helpful because it focuses on who God is. My God cares, creates, controls, guides, etc. It helped me put my focus back on God.
Song: Goodness of God by Jean Johnson This song is encouraging me because it talks about God’s goodness and faithfulness.
Question for Reflection

When have you doubted God’s goodness?

Heidi J. Smith
May 10, 2022

On the field when we didn’t receive our container, I doubted God’s goodness. My family and I had packed only the most essential belongings, and then to have them delayed for months and almost sold, I got mad at God and questioned his goodness to me. I justified my thoughts because I had done all these things for God: moved my family halfway around the world, sold my stuff, left my family and friends, etc.

But I missed that God was refining my character to help me trust and wait on Him.

Now when I think about God’s goodness, I imagine a huge storeroom of boxes for me and others who honor Him:)