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Faithfulness to a Frail Bird

by JODIE PINE FAITHFULNESS Expectations God’s guidance & direction Health issues on the field Transitions Reliance
Faithfulness to a Frail Bird
“I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.”
Exodus 19:4b

Before our family boarded the train for our cross-country move from the east coast to central western China, I traveled through a personal tunnel of darkness. My migraines were more intense and frequent, and I faced opposition from the enemy in ways that I had never experienced.

But on an especially dark day, from my confinement in bed, God graciously gave me a picture of myself.

I was a bird with clipped wings who had fallen out of her nest, yet carried the daunting task of trying to build a new nest in another tree. I didn’t know where that tree was or how to find it, and the responsibility felt so heavy. If only I was a strong and capable bird… But I felt completely weak and totally inadequate to complete this assignment. A strong wind was blowing against me and prevented me from seeing clearly. How could I find the tree for our new nest, much less transport everything there that we needed from our old one?

God spoke gently to this frail, broken bird and reminded me that He knew exactly where I was, and that He did not expect me to carry this huge responsibility on my own. He would give me His rest and protection while I waited for Him to provide His way for me in His timing.

Through Psalm 31:7, God assured me that He had seen my troubles and He cared about the anguish of my soul.

This picture and assurance from God brought me an inner peace to replace my sense of guilt over not being able to do more in preparation for our move. And over the next few weeks, God revealed the Way He had provided for me.

He enabled my three children to cheerfully carry the bulk of sorting/giving away/and packing our stuff. 

He also used several dear sisters to enter into my pain and pray over me. Through their intercession, I found freedom from my bondage as I emerged out of the darkness into the light.

As we actually did make our move without knowing the location of our next nest, He was the One who faithfully carried this frail bird on eagles’ wings and brought me to Himself. (Exodus 19:4) 

Closing Prayer
Father God, from all over the globe, we praise you for your faithfulness. Not one of your promises has gone unfulfilled. You accomplish every one of your purposes. Through our pain and brokenness and inability to see the way ahead, you are there to carry us on eagles’ wings. Always. As we are reminded of how you have been faithful in the past, we can grow in our trust in you for the future. You see our troubles and you care about the anguish of our souls. You provide the way for us. We need not fear. Amen.
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Question for Reflection

How have you experienced God’s faithfulness in a dark time in your life?

Jodie Pine
March 29, 2023

So much was still up in the air as we said our goodbyes and left our beloved home of 12 years. But before the end of our first day in our new city of Lanzhou, God miraculously provided both an apartment for us and renters for our apartment in Tianjin.