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2-Day Virtual Gathering Event
Rhythms of Rest Gathering
Feb 03 - Feb 04, 2022
Do you feel weary or exhausted from running - physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally?
Perhaps like you’ve been operating on waning adrenaline or a duty mindset for too long?
God has designed us to need rest, and He offers it generously to us in Himself. At the Rhythms of Rest Gathering this February, we will take a look at where our deep exhaustion comes from, what God may be teaching us through it, and how we can find the relief and rest that God offers in His Word. Join us for Rhythms of Rest.
$25 Early Bird Pricing for the first 50 registrants! $35 Regular Pricing

Come experience four live workshop-style teaching sessions as we delve deep into this topic and journey to growth:

Linda Swanson

When We are Weary He Invites Us to Rest

Have you ever been so tired your eyes could not focus and breathing seemed almost too much to do? Maybe not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually just worn out all over? In those times, Jesus invites us to come to him and learn from Him the unforced rhythms of His grace; to learn to really rest. In our session together we’ll talk about the importance of recognizing our exhaustion and naming what makes us tired. We will consider how we can receive, accept and live into Christ’s invitation to rest. Yes- there is much that makes us tired. Thanks be to God for Christ’s invitation for us to come away with Him and rest.


Join us for a time of worship with your sisters around the world! Let this time wash over you - worshipping however you would like. Please sit back and enjoy, or fully engage. This time is for you and Your Father.

Judyann Gallego-Leonard

Tired of Being Disappointed; Are You Still There God?

When we’re honest with ourselves, most of us would admit that the Christian life can be challenging and things often don't turn out as we expected. People and circumstances can cause us to feel disappointed and discouraged. Just like David in Psalm 13, we can wonder, “Where is the goodness of God and why is He allowing things to go this way?” During this session we will discuss disappointment, disillusionment and doubt and how weary our souls can become. Together we will compassionately and authentically lament, finding encouragement and hope through each other and Jesus who invites us to "COME".

Peggy Forrest

The Unforced Rhythm of Simply Being with Jesus

Jesus longs for time with us. His desire is for us to “keep company with Him” (Matthew 11:30, The Message). Much like keeping a marriage relationship fresh by continuing to create space for dating our spouse, our Savior wants time with us: to take us on picnics in green pastures, to wade with us in quiet brooks, to walk beside us through dark valleys, to sup with us at lavishly set tables. Yet sometimes we “burn out” on our time with Jesus, especially when it has become duty... and, duty always destroys relationship. This session focuses on fresh ways to be with our First Love; to restore our relationship with creative and imaginative rhythms of grace; to give space in our lives for wondrous conversations that allow our souls to feel rested and renewed as we hear Jesus voice whispering His Love and Words of Life over us. This session will be about discovering together an answer to the question “how…”

Community Time

This 45-minute session is a time to engage in meaningful small group conversations with more of your sisters. Participants will join breakout groups to discuss different questions related to the session materials. We hope you will enjoy connecting with participants outside of your small group.

Janel Breitenstein

Restorative Rhythms

When it comes to caring for your soul, maybe you’re wondering, “How would I even do that? Have you seen my life?!” But God’s unique plan for your soul-restoration is more than recommended. It’s a calling. In this final session of our rhythms gathering, we’ll explore your “Rest DNA” in hopes of restoring rhythms of burnout with rhythms of healing and wholeness--so you can love God and people sincerely (Romans 12:9). We’ll help you leave with a plan...and some hope.

In addition to the speaker sessions, we will have a time of worship and a Community Time to engage in meaningful small group conversations with more of your sisters.

*Sessions will be workshop-style, with teachings from our expert speakers, exercises for personal reflection and assessment, and discussion groups with other women. Come to learn, grow, be connected, resourced, and cared for. This is all here for you at our Rhythms of Rest Gathering 2-day virtual gathering.

The Schedule

This virtual gathering is set up to accommodate women in time zones around the world. The Yellow Block and Blue Block options will provide the same teachings, but are separated so you can choose which block fits best with your time zone and your schedule.

When you register, you will choose ONE of the color blocks to join for the 2-day event.

Yellow Block Option

(Ideal for time zones including Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America)


Blue Block Option

(Ideal for time zones including Asia and Oceania)

*The schedule is shown in MDT (Mountain Time). See how this schedule converts to your time zone here. This schedule is subject to change. Any updates will be made available as the event approaches.


  • Registration is a multi-step process. First, create a Thrive Hub account or log in to your existing Hub account. Then from the Gatherings dropdown on the left, click Rhythms of Rest Gathering and select the block (Yellow or Blue) that works for you.
  • Sessions will build upon one another, so please attend live to get the most out of the experience. Jump into this topical intensive even more fully by using the Community to continue discussing session themes.
  • These sessions are in-depth and cover a lot of information, so the schedule has been designed to allow extra time between each day to sit with what you have learned between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Visit our FAQ page.

We're excited for you to join us!

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