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A Letter From Our Founder

They say that time flies. 


First of all, who in the world is "they"? Secondly, my first term living in Eastern Europe with three toddlers did not fly by! I guess perspective is the key. As I look back on the years since launching Thrive (originally named Women of the Harvest) in 1997 to where the ministry is now, I do see it has gone by quickly! 


I believe one of the hardest things a woman deals with is learning how to walk through this journey with its many unique experiences. Come on, let's face it! How many women do you know who've lived through evacuations, tsunamis, wars and famines; how many know the sweetest pleasures in hot running water or having Velveeta cheese and smashed Oreos waiting for them in a small, dingy, obscure post office somewhere? We are the elite and the few! And most profound of all is our beautiful connection that comes in knowing, in the core of our hearts, God Himself pursues us with a mighty passion! 


I absolutely loved getting my copy of the magazine in my mailbox overseas. I usually devoured it up quickly without my offspring around. I came away refreshed, encouraged, heard, and confirmed. That is what the heart of God is about! I believe He is leading the essence of Thrive to continue being an encouragement and a voice for women overseas but on a deeper and grander scale. I'm so thrilled with the community-oriented website and growing retreat opportunities. May you be encouraged to know the heart of God through these resources. 


Friends, I truly believe that God is doing and will continue to do spectacular work in and through women around the world. I'm hoping the ongoing changes at Thrive will only make a stronger foundation for even more of us to really care and connect as a community of sisters throughout the nations! We really need you, your prayers, input, thoughts, advice, and caring hearts to help strengthen this unique and loved group of women all over the world. We trust these resources will bring Him the ultimate glory.