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Step into the gap of isolation & burnout.

Global workers live to serve the communities where God has called them. They often feel isolated and lonely on the field, creating a new life and home in a culture originally not their own.

God has given us community as the Body of Christ to remind each of His children we are not alone. Encouragement and connectedness are central to the spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, and physical health of those called overseas.
Join the team of fellow brothers and sisters supporting the spread of the Gospel.
By giving your best gift today, you can help provide healing and revival to a lonely, weary soul. By giving toward resources like Connection, Alongside, Gatherings, and Retreats, YOU become part of the restoration of women's hearts across the globe.

Your financial gift could bridge the gap of loneliness and isolation for a woman on the front lines.

Remind her she is not alone.

Together let’s raise $80,850 for her!

Your gift is tax-deductible! Thrive Tax ID: 84-1457958. Interested in becoming a monthly donor? Click Here