The primary role of our volunteer team is to simply love and serve the women who attend the retreat. Global Women are in desperate need of refreshment, relaxation, laughter, and encouragement. That happens in many different ways, and you will get to be a part of it all.

2020 South Africa Retreat
The Boardwalk (South Africa)
09/30 - 10/12/2020
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* Accepting applications for all positions.
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Our registration for the Thrive 2020 Fall Retreat is officially open! We are hoping to host 75 Global Women in South Africa. We are now ready to begin putting together our 2020 South Africa Volunteer Team. We are prayerfully hoping that God will build up a volunteer team of 30 women who are willing to serve our sisters. Is God leading you to be part of His work this October?

Our volunteers serve and engage with the Global Women in many, many ways throughout the retreat.

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* Accepting applications for all positions.

These are just some of the ways God may use you:

Massage Therapists
Hair Stylists
Color/Make-Up Consultants
Pedicurists, trained on-site
Medical Professionals
Personal Trainers
Small Group Facilitators
Fashion Consultants
Worship Leaders
Prayer Partners

Invest in Global Women

Each morning we will gather together for a time of worship and teaching, during which we will meet in small groups. Many women seldom get to receive deep Biblical teaching or worship in English, so this is a rich time that the women love. The afternoons are free time, during which they can sleep, shop, talk with friends, or receive some of the services listed above. The evenings are a casual time when we enjoy activities that allow us to laugh together, something many women don’t do nearly enough on the field! Throughout the retreat, we hope that you will be developing relationships with these women, listening to their stories, and lavishing the love of Christ upon them. We will have some guidelines for your involvement at the retreat but will primarily be asking you to observe what needs are present in the group and initiate your own involvement in meeting those needs.

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* Accepting applications for all positions.

Accommodations & Meals

Thrive will handle all of the travel arrangements for you once our time together begins. We will stay at The Boardwalk and eat most of our meals on site at the hotel. You will be sharing a room with another member of the volunteer team unless you would like to cover the financial difference to have a single room (when available, based on hotel occupancy).

All of the meals for your time with us (excluding meals while traveling) will be included in the total amount of support that you raise for the trip. During the retreat we will eat at the hotel with the attendees. On the days before, between, and after the retreats we will eat either at the hotel or at local restaurants. We will research various restaurants ahead of time, but it is important to know that plans for our meals often change at the last minute based upon the fluctuating schedule of preparing for the retreat. Be sure to bring a flexible attitude with you, because we never know exactly what kind of food we will have!!

We will begin our volunteer staff time the evening of 10/02/2020 (depending on flight schedules). If you desire to arrive a day early, we can make arrangements at the resort for you. We will then adjust your cost/support goal accordingly. Please let me know of this request as soon as possible to ensure availability.

How can I prepare myself for attending a Thrive retreat?

Whenever you travel, there are many unknown variables that can throw you off track without a moment’s notice. Because of this, it is imperative that volunteers come with few expectations and a very flexible attitude. We will do our best to cover all the details, but inevitably there will be times when plans change and things simply don’t go as expected. Flexibility is key when it comes to being a true servant at the retreat as well. While most people will have a particular area to focus on during self-care time, you may need to jump in and meet a need at the last minute. We are trusting that the Holy Spirit will guide your conversations and experiences throughout the trip, and He may lead you to minister in a way you never expected. Be open to His promptings!!

The main way to prepare yourself is through prayer. We cannot say enough about the mighty ways we have seen our Lord work through His servants when we are dedicated to seeking Him in prayer. We encourage you to have a spirit of prayer as you consider your involvement on a Thrive retreat. We trust that He will bring exactly the right volunteer members along for every retreat and are confident that He will lead you in the right way as you seek after Him.

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* Accepting applications for all positions.
The estimated cost for a Thrive volunteer member for the 2020 South Africa Retreat is $4375
This cost is based on a shared double room, travel expenses, all meals, meeting expenses, gratuities and other miscellaneous expenses. All additional costs for food, etc. while traveling to and from the retreat location are personal expenses that are yours to cover. Many volunteers choose to raise support for their trip with Thrive and you are welcome to do this as well. We will provide you with guidelines for writing a support letter, as well as materials to help you share with others about the ministry of Thrive. Your support money can be raised through Thrive, which allows donors to receive a tax-deductible receipt.
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