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Why Minister to Global Women?

Retreat Objective: Many Global Women are often depleted from living cross-culturally, coupled with family and ministry demands. They need care, connection, and community. We meet this need by providing spiritual, emotional, and physical care. This holistic approach results in renewal and refreshment to help them thrive on the field.

Before I came to volunteer, I thought, "I support my global workers and pray for them. I've done my part." But now I realize, "There's so much more I can do with little effort to care for global workers.

Evie Sewell, 2015 Peru Retreat Volunteer

Consider volunteering with us!

Volunteer Team: Our volunteers come from a variety of denominational backgrounds across the U.S. and Canada. This short-term trip is unique in that it gives Christian women the opportunity to minister to the hearts of cross-cultural workers serving with many sending agencies. A typical retreat has 25-30 volunteers.

Skill Set Needed: No special skills are required, simply a servant's heart and a desire to be a part of this kind of ministry. Some will be asked to be small group leaders, provide pedicures, pray, or assist Thrive staff members. While there are several roles that require particular skills and training (worship leaders, counselors, hair stylists, massage therapists, etc.), we primarily need women who are willing to serve in any way possible to extend love and grace to the attendees!

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