Current and Upcoming Retreats

Here is a list of our current and upcoming retreats. Click on the button to see more detailed info about the retreat you are interested in.

2017 Colorado

2017 Colorado

July, Summer
Beaver Creek, Colorado

Attendee Volunteer

2017 PNG

2017 PNG

October, Fall
Madang, Papua New Guinea

Attendee Volunteer

Future Retreat Target Regions

We have divided the globe into six major regions. Our goal is to host a retreat in each region every two years.

2017 Spring - Europe/Eastern Europe

2017 April
Spring retreat

2017 Summer - Colorado

2017 July
Summer retreat

2017 Papua New Guinea

2017 October
Fall retreat

2018 Winter - Middle East
Middle East

2018 February
Winter retreat

2018 Spring - South America
South America

2018 April
Spring retreat

2018 Summer - Colorado

2018 July
Summer retreat

Our Retreat Timeline

Look where we have been and where we are going!