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Be a catalyst for radical change in the lives of Global Women.

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One donation, one woman, one month at a time.

Sustaining our retreats for women to attend for face-to-face renewal.

Your tax-deductible donation will cover retreat attendee's hotel stay, all meals, meeting expenses, gratuities and other miscellaneous expenses.

Global women

Providing virtual mentoring, life coaching, and spiritual direction.


Your tax-deductible donation will provide services where Global Women will receive mentoring, life coaching, and spiritual direction from professionals.

Funding an app for daily spiritual nourishment and connection.


Your tax-deductible donation will fund creating an app that will provide resources to Global Women.

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Coming in 2019

Every month, you will receive a story about a global woman being impacted by your generous gift.

Open Nonprofit

Online Giving Metrics

We believe embracing transparency and openness is important.
We are candidly sharing our online MRR to dispaly our current status. Our goal is transparency and making our financial partners to be a catalyst for radical change in the lives of Global Women.
MRR: Monthly Recurring Revenue    Active Customers: Current Online Monthly Donors
Inspired by Buffer + Transparency and Baremetrics Open Startups

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise 25k/month MRR
Why $25,000/month?
Our studies have shown that recurring giving can bring financial stability to nonprofits by providing reliable monthly income. Our vision is to serve Global Women all around the world for many years to come. We are focusing our efforts to partner with those who will invest in building a sustainable financial infrascturue to serve and empower Global Women who are serving overseas. We estimate $25,000/month recurring online donations will fully fund all of our retreats and services. Be a tangible support today, become a Thrive Member!

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