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Prayer & Praise

At Thrive, one of our foundational values is prayer.

This Prayer and Praise Wall is a place for you to share your prayer requests and notes of thanksgiving, as we recognize the incredible nature of God’s relationship with us.

The global Thrive family wants to pray and praise with you.

Please be aware the Prayers and Praises on this page, once approved for posting, will be publicly visible. You have the option to post using your name or anonymously.
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Knowing we are unable to leave our country, with the email that said "this is the last chance", left me new emotions as I began to realize the situation of not being able to go home for emergencies. I need to keep thoughts about that - out of my mind, and live one day at a time. As I am recovering from a brain injury (AVM brain bleed in 2015), and as I get older (54), I'm more emotional about my family in the States. :)


I praise God for His will to offer a virtual retreat experience to those signed up to attend the Brazil retreat. I know He will be ever-present during the virtual retreat time! What a blessing it will be!


In the past, in times of great hardship, people have come together to hold each other up. And now, despite stay-at-home orders and people being physically isolated from community, I am encouraged to see that same outpouring of love and community support in abundance. When Boston was devastated by the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, we came together—"Boston Strong." In this global pandemic, communities are coming together across oceans to support each other worldwide, and it is a powerful reminder of how strong the Father's love for us is and of His calling to "love your neighbor as yourself." Praise God, there are no borders to His love.

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