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2-Day Virtual Gathering Event

Soul Care

This live gathering event has ended, but we’ve made session recordings, presentations, and relevant resources from the event available to purchase for a reduced rate. Now you can experience the gathering, even if you weren’t able to make it live!

$20 Post Event Pricing

Is your soul weary? Is it wounded? Battered? Forgotten?

You are not alone in the struggle to serve faithfully without depleting your soul.

Join us for a live, virtual gathering event focused on Soul Care, where we will examine what makes up the soul and look honestly at our inner lives—the place where our soul resides. We’ll evaluate what keeps us from caring for our souls and how we can move toward God’s invitation to connect, uncover how we see ourselves and others and discover anew how God sees us, and explore spiritual practices to maintain a refreshed and healthy soul to live in the joy and freedom of Christ as women in ministry.

$20 Post Event Pricing!

Come experience four live workshop-style teaching sessions as we delve deep into this topic and journey to growth:

Angie Tingle

Awaken to Your Soul

Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves. The soul is not something we usually think about on a regular basis! In fact, it is not something that demands our focus, it is something we take for granted… until… we are struggling or weary or wounded or empty. Moments like these, when we are wondering how we arrived or how to move on, are when it is time to look honestly at our inner life, the place where our soul resides. In this session, we will do this by taking some time to define what makes up the soul and what influences the soul, plus explore some ways to express and bless the soul.

Kelli Gotthardt

You Are Here: Charting a Soul Care Path from Your Current Reality

In order to get our bearings on a map, it isn’t enough to only know our destination. We must pinpoint the location where our journey will originate. In this session, we’ll take an honest look at our current pace and energy management to get a clearer picture of where care of our souls might be getting edged out. From there, we’re better able to discern how we might progress. As we consider how to move toward God’s invitation to connect, we’ll explore our road blocks and desires. We’ll ponder instruction and encouragement from Christian workers throughout the centuries. You are not alone in this struggle to serve faithfully without depleting your soul. Join us as we learn to live freely and lightly.

Kaylene Derksen

Dignity and the Care of your Soul

Dignity: a word that has gotten lost in the sea of inhumanity and commoditization of our world today. In this workshop, we will uncover how we see ourselves and others and discover anew how God sees us all. You will be invited to contemplate the Imago Dei (image of God) in each person ever created and the implications of seeing others in their true dignity.

Cathy Roberts

Refreshing Your Soul: Spiritual Practices to Keep Your Soul Healthy

Does your soul long to live in health, freedom, and joy? When our souls are healthy, we can experience God’s transforming work of healing and live in the joy and freedom of Christ. As we live out our God-given calling, we encounter situations that can batter our soul. The good news is that there are basic spiritual practices that can help us maintain a healthy soul in the midst of the busyness, stress, and pain that are a part of our everyday lives. Together, we’ll explore and experience some of these simple spiritual practices that you can use to connect deeply with God to keep your soul refreshed and healthy.

In addition to the speaker sessions, we will have worship provided by Melissa Glaves and a Community Time to engage in meaningful small group conversations with more of your sisters.
*Sessions will be workshop-style, with teachings from our expert speakers, exercises for personal reflection and assessment, and discussion groups with other women. Come to learn, grow, be connected, resourced, and cared for. This is all here for you at our Soul Care 2-day virtual gathering.

The Schedule

This virtual gathering is set up to accommodate women in time zones around the world. The Yellow Block and Blue Block options will provide the same teachings, but are separated so you can choose which block fits best with your time zone and your schedule.

When you register, you will choose ONE of the color blocks to join for the 2-day event.

Yellow Block Option

(Ideal for time zones including Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America)


Blue Block Option

(Ideal for time zones including Asia and Oceania)

*The schedule is shown in MDT (Mountain Time). See how this schedule converts to your time zone here. This schedule is subject to change. Any updates will be made available as the event approaches.


  • Registration is a multi-step process. First, create a Thrive Hub account or log in to your existing Hub account. Then from the Gatherings dropdown on the left, click Soul Care and select the block (Yellow or Blue) that works for you.
  • Sessions will build upon one another, so please attend live to get the most out of the experience. Jump into this topical intensive even more fully by using the Community to continue discussing session themes.
  • These sessions are in-depth and cover a lot of information, so the schedule has been designed to allow extra time between each day to sit with what you have learned between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Visit our FAQ page.

We're excited for you to join us!

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