There is tremendous energy and momentum to get workers on the field but a lack of intentional effort to provide spiritual, physical, and emotional support once serving overseas.

Unfortunately, many Global Women feel alone and are barely surviving. In 2007, the most comprehensive research study to date, which focused on retention, was published by the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission called ReMAP II. The study revealed that 1 out of 14 workers leave their agencies each year and two-thirds leave for potentially preventable reasons! In addition, it has been estimated that the average length of a worker's career has dropped to only eight years. Thrive’s goal is to bring change to that reality by caring for, connecting, and creating community for Global Women.

Photo: 2015 Italy Retreat Volunteer and Attendee

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be global leaders, providing expertise and setting excellent standards of care for Global Women. We believe Global Women will thrive, in part because individuals, churches, and mission agencies provide holistic, pro-active care.

Our Approach

Provide care, resources, and community to encourage and empower Global Women to thrive.


Our Online Magazine strives to provide a place for Global Women to find community in the company of friends who get their life; a place where they can be cared for, encouraged and find the resources they need.


Our retreats allow women serving cross-culturally to get away from their demanding work for a time of rest, renewal, and refreshment. The women are ministered to holistically - spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


We commit to raise awareness of the needs of Global Women by engaging and educating individuals, churches, and agencies to be equipped and empowered to proactively meet those needs.


Under the original name of Women of the Harvest (1997), Thrive’s first focus was to publish a magazine written by global women for global women. The goal was to give them a voice...

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In 1998, we began hosting retreats in various regions around the world for Global Women to get away from their demanding work for a time of rest, renewal, and refreshment...

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Our Story

In the spring of 1997, Laurie Bolthouse, our founder, was preparing to leave for her first term of living cross-culturally. Seeking to find community in this new venture, she cast the vision for a magazine written specifically to encourage North American women. With the provision of grant money for start up funding from a private foundation, the first issue of the magazine was published in September 1997.

In 1999, we hosted our first international retreat enabling women to take a few days away from the stressors of their work for a time of rest, renewal, and refreshment. We host 3-4 retreats each year serving approximately 300 women annually around the world. The women are ministered to holistically - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our retreats provide a safe place for women to be themselves and share their unique challenges outside of their church and agency. They are delighted to develop friendships with other Global Women in their part of the world. For each retreat location, we enlist approximately 25 volunteers to serve and encourage the women who work cross culturally. Our retreats would not be possible without amazing volunteers who come and serve with their time, talents, and treasures!

In July, 2005, the print magazine converted to an electronic format in order to reach more women living world-wide. All onlineMagazine issues are archived on the web site and available for easy reference. We continue to expand our electronic venues to provide community and an environment that allows women to be transparent about the joys and challenges of living and working cross-culturally.

Our story

"I believe He is leading the essence of Thrive to continue being an encouragement and a voice for women overseas but on a deeper and grander scale."

- Laurie Bolthouse

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We are committed to being good stewards of your gifts.

We are a trusted and valued partner with over 500 mission agencies and hundreds of local churches. We continually work to increase awareness within the broader spectrum of the Christian community and engage the new generation of the missionary force. With Thrive's strong reputation and sure foundation, we are poised for significant growth as we seek to empower even more missionary women and be their advocate.

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