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Welcome, A Life Overseas Reader! We are Thrive Ministry. We host international retreats all over the world for Global Women.

Sometimes the best encouragement is simply found in being together.

Retreats are a four day gift to an oasis of refreshment. Many of our attendees work in remote locations where running water and electricity are not available or dependable. By hosting our retreats at a conference center or hotel, we provide an environment for physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal.

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Massage Therapy
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Embracing Global Women from hundreds of agencies and churches

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Retreat for Global Women

About Our Retreats

Retreats are for U.S. and Canadian women who live and work cross-culturally. You must currently be a full time, support based, cross-cultural worker living overseas.

Why only North American Women?

Do you still have questions?

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Upcoming Retreats

Join us and be refreshed

2019 Colorado

2019 Colorado

July, Summer
Beaver Creek, Colorado

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2019 Estonia

2019 Estonia

October, Fall
Tallinn, Estonia

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The value of your retreat experience is approximately $780. However, the only cost to you is a registration fee of $125 USD and any transportation expenses to and from the retreat. We provide your hotel stay in a shared double room, all meals, meeting expenses, gratuities and other miscellaneous expenses.

Please visit our FAQ center, if you have more questions.

What is a Thrive Retreat?
Who can attend a Thrive Retreat?
What happens at a Thrive Retreat?

Safe place to thrive.

Come and be loved by our sweet Jesus Christ

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Prayer and Worship

A safe place to pray and worship freely with other Global Women. Sometimes it is not easy for Global Women to worship publicly while serving overseas. At our retreats, Global Women can freely pray and worship with other Global Women.

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A safe place to connect and share with other Global Women who understand the demanding work of living overseas. Meaningful connections that bring sense of belonging and knowledge that they are not alone in the field.

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Professional Counselors

A safe place where you can process with professional counselors that will listen and pray with you. We understand the challenges of being a mother, a wife or a single person on the field. Many Global Women have benefited from counseling over the years.

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Physical Care

A safe place where you can relax and enjoy all the amenities such as pedicure, massage therapy, haircuts from professional hairstylists, and many more! Because we know that you are always serving others, at our retreat we want to serve and pamper you!

Retreat attendees circles

"Sometimes we can feel forgotten on the field. This retreat reminded me of my place in the Kingdom and the love that the Father has for me."

"You can feel God's fingerprints and grace all over this event. It feels really good to have someone safe..."