A Virtual Event for Women Ministering Overseas

Held July 13 - 17, 2020

Post Event Registration $25

Gain access to Gather's recorded sessions! Gather was a five-day, web-based live event just for women ministering overseas! In this time of social distance and isolation, Gather is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect safely with women ministering in all parts of the world. Our goal was to provide community, teaching, resourcing, prayer, fun, and so much more.

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Gather is structured so you are able to create a personal schedule with exactly what you need and want at this time. You may attend as many or as few sessions as you would like - choosing what would be most valuable to you, at the most convenient times for you in your time zone.

Who can participate?

All women working cross-culturally are welcome! While Thrive is a Colorado-based ministry and Gather has been crafted with North American women serving overseas in mind, so much of the content is applicable to all women serving outside of their home culture. All are welcome to experience the Father’s love and care.

At this event, you’ll have access to:

one-on-one virtual counseling, prayer, and medical consultation appointments
live sessions on ministry-related topics led by experts*
live connection groups with women serving in your region or ministry focus
daily prayer groups to journey through the week with
live bible studies
live worship
live fitness classes
live social hours, game nights, and opportunities for fun
*At each session you’ll not only receive valuable teaching from an expert facilitator, but you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and connect with other attendees about your shared experiences PLUS walk away with resources and enter to win prizes!
We know you are busy with life, family, and ministry responsibilities - even more so in COVID-19! Gather is structured in a way that can work for you, your family, and even the most complicated schedules. With a robust schedule of sessions each day of the week, you can create your own path, attending as many or as few sessions that would be most valuable to you, at the most convenient times for you!


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The Schedule

The event will commence on Monday morning, July 13, with a large group session for all participants. Monday afternoon–Friday morning will consist of session offerings every two hours that you can pick and choose to attend! Prayer groups will meet daily throughout the week for those who are able! Plus, you can schedule any one-on-one appointments at the most convenient times for your schedule! On Friday morning, July 17, the event will conclude with a final large group session and farewell.

Because women registering for this event are living in all parts of the world and all different time zones, we worked hard to consider the entire world and every time zone in it when building the event schedule! We understand that you will not be able to attend ALL sessions live due to your personal time zone window - everyone is in that boat. However, there are only four to five hours within a 24-hour period (from midnight to 4 AM MDT) that nothing is provided. Regardless of your time zone there are many sessions offered during your waking hours. Our hope is that there will be a number of valuable sessions, at times that will work for you.

If there are sessions you are interested in but not able to attend live due to time constraints, we hope to make them available to you via session recordings and audio files. Pending internet connection, video quality, and privacy concerns of the content shared, we will do our best to record every session for those who cannot participate live. When possible, session recordings and audio files will be made available in the Hub to registered event participants within the week of the event (pending staff time needed to edit and upload).

The schedule is shown on MDT (Mountain Time).
MDT Monday, July 13 Tuesday, July 14 Wednesday, July 15 Thursday, July 16 Friday, July 17
4:00 AM     Europe Meetup   Africa Meetup
5:00 AM   Bible Study: A Call to Courage   Pilates Mat Class  
6:00 AM     Parenting TCKs with Special Needs   Boundaries: How Saying No Can Give You Life
7:00 AM   Introduction to the Enneagram   Women Leaders Change the World  
8:00 AM     25 Ways to Treat Your Own Depression   Worship with Adrea LaRoche
9:00 AM   Joy and Laughter : details coming soon!   Ministry Meetup : Breakout Groups by Ministry Focus  
10:00 AM Opening Session   The Leader's Wife   Closing Session
11:00 AM Prayer Group Prayer Group Prayer Group Prayer Group  
12:00 AM   Sacred Security   Positive Parenting: Teens  
01:00 PM Worship with Adrea LaRoche   Latin America Meetup    
02:00 PM   Joy and Laughter : details coming soon!   Conflict and Forgiveness  
03:00 PM Art of Asking Good Questions   Joy and Laughter : details coming soon!    
04:00 PM   Enneagram Stances   Avoiding Burnout: The Self-Care of a Servant  
05:00 PM Positive Parenting: Young Kids   Relieving Stress and Releasing Tension    
06:00 PM   Pathways for Women in Leadership   Bible Study: Loving God Through Life’s Disappointments  
07:00 PM Prayer Practices   Worship with Alanna Story    
08:00 PM   Emotional Needs in Marriage   Inner Healing Prayer: Meeting God in Broken Places  
09:00 PM Thriving Single   Grief & Loss    
10:00 PM   Joy and Laughter : details coming soon!   Joy and Laughter : details coming soon!  
11:00 PM Middle East Meetup   Asia/South Pacific Meetup    

With over 45 hours of offerings, Gather is just the event you need right now, in a format like never before!

We need to gather now more than ever.

And we want you, women ministering worldwide, to join us.