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2017 celebrate
2017 celebrate

This holiday season, Thrive has a lot to celebrate! In our 20th anniversary year, we're giving thanks to God for 20 years of investing in Global Women and for the amazing partners He's called to make that possible.

Through the generous giving of our donors, we've continued to see, hear, and experience God's transformational impact through Thrive in the lives of thousands of Global Women. Take for example this story of Archana, a Thrive retreat attendee...

2017 archana

Archana had been hurt

She and her husband had answered God's call to serve Him in Ukraine, where they were sent to work in ministry with orphans. After just one year of running a children's home in Ukraine, during which they'd opened their hearts and home to 10 orphaned children, they were unexpectedly removed from their role by her stateside pastor and mission organization. Archana was devastated. She carried and suppressed her hurt for 12 years while they continued serving Christ in Ukraine. This weighed on Archana and her work as a Global Woman until she felt she had nothing left to give.

But God had plans for her healing

Then, Archana made it to the 2017 Thrive retreat in Dubrovnik, Croatia! She had no expectations of what God might do, but from the moment she arrived at the hotel she felt in her spirit that He had something significant planned for her. Although she was hesitant, God spoke directly to Archana and nudged her to sign up for prayer and counseling sessions.

Archana's counseling session was an opportunity to resurface the reasons for her pain and suffering. She was asked, "Have you ever prayed for God to restore relationship? Or to clean out that wound completely?"

In the days that followed, the Lord started preparing her heart. She began saying to Him, I'm willing. Archana left the retreat with a peace, readiness, rejuvenation, and desire to see and taste the goodness and restoration of the Lord in her family, ministry, and life.

2017 quote

She was transformed

Eventually, all those years of pain and hurt were washed away. Not only was the wound cleaned out but it was healed. She had a weight lifted off her shoulders, a new song, a new peace, and a new hope for bringing Christ to Ukraine. Archana had a reason to celebrate...

"I can't express the magnitude of gratefulness I feel toward Thrive for being a willing vessel of the Lord, for speaking into my life, and for loving me.

I'm thankful to all those who support Thrive. God uses YOU. My life is eternally changed and has forever been touched. Thank you for loving us so much that we thrive and not just survive."

This work could not have been done without you. Thank you for being a part of empowering thousands of Global Women like Archana!

Thrive Ministry is a typical non-profit in that we survive off of the generous support of our donors, especially year-end donations which make up a significant portion of our annual budget.

Over the last 20 years, we've learned to always present our need before our faithful supporters like yourself, and we would like to ask that you prayerfully consider giving a special "celebratory gift" this holiday season in support of Thrive's mission, 20th anniversary, and year-end needs.

Your gift gives Global Women like Archana the opportunity to be cared for holistically so they can continue making Christ known across the globe.

Our Goal Is To Raise $25,000
Would you give today so more Global Women are able to celebrate a new hope, a new peace, and a new song in their hearts?

Thank you for your relationship with Thrive and consideration to give.